Watch PC Gamer's StarCraft II vodcast

It's been nearly a decade since the original StarCraft stormed hard drives around the world, and fans have been starving for a sequel since. By now, if you have any love for the triumvirate of the Zerg, Protoss, and Space Marines that made RTS history, you've probably already pored over every detail in the gargantuan 20 minute gameplay trailer recently released by Blizzard.

But you haven't seen squat until you've checked out PC Gamer's latest video podcast. They've gone beyond the call of duty to bring you exclusive footage from Blizzard's big bash in Korea. Scroll down or click on the movies tab above for a first-hand look at Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational, where StarCraft II was announced.

While you're at it, admire the rugged good looks of Senior Associate Editor, Dan Stapleton as he braves a bouncy ride and digs up details on this long-awaited sequel in his exclusive Q&A with Lead Producer, Chris Sagty. Like what you see? You can always keep up to date on PC Gamer’s latest shenanigans by visiting their blog.

Above: Do yourself a favor and check out the professional StarCraft player at 1:27. He'll be in ur base gelling ur hairz soon


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