The Walking Dead: Episode One Guide

Navigate the twists and turns of this zombie thriller.

Chapter 5

When you reach Macon, you will run into a few new people who are holed up in a drug store. Once you are inside, you have the choice of speaking your mind on what you think of Lilly. If you choose “she’s an asshole” she will remember and not be too nice to you in future conversations. After speaking to Lilly, Larry will freak out that Duck has been bitten. During the dialogue choices, if you agree with Larry about what to do with Duck, it will tell you that “You didn’t side with Kenny” and he will be none too pleased. If you do side with him, it will say that “Kenny will remember your loyalty” and you can then tell Kenny what you think he should do. You can have him punch Larry or jump in and yell at Larry.

If you sided with Larry about what to do with Duck, when walking around the store, talk to Kenny and he will tell you to not talk to him. He will then give you the option to answer if you are on his side or not. If you say no, Katjaa will interrupt and all will be fine. If you sided with Kenny, he will say that he and his family appreciate your support.

After the conversation with Kenny, if you didn’t try to save Shawn, Kenny will mention that you didn’t try to save him. If you choose “we let that boy die” you will be given the option to “ignore?” If you choose it, nothing will happen and Kenny will walk back to his family. If you choose “it happened pretty fast,” you will have the option to console Kenny and that will earn his loyalty. If you tried to save Shawn, Kenny will say that he panicked and you’ll have the option of “It happens” or “you let that kid die.” If you choose the latter, you are offered the opportunity to berate Kenny for him leaving. If you choose the former, you will have the option to console him and it will say that “Kenny will remember your loyalty” again.

Clementine will mention that she has to go to the washroom and then mosey over to the locked door. When she opens it, a walker will come out and attack her. You are given the opportunity to save her, but if you do not, it will say “Clementine remembers you not saving her.” If you do save her, it will say “she remembers you saving her.” All that really comes out of this is when you are in the pharmacy office, Clementine will mention that you didn’t save her and she will ask that you stick closer to her in the future.

When you talk to Carley after finding the picture in the office, you can tell her that you don’t trust her and she will remember that you don’t. Even though it says that, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on anything in this episode. If you choose the “thanks” option, she will remember that you do trust her.

Once you have reached the motel, there won’t be many different choices to make until you meet up with Irene. Irene is the woman in the boarded up room who has been bitten and wants to die. When you talk to her, you can either give her the gun or not. If you choose to give her the gun, she shoots herself. She will actually shoot herself no matter what you choose, but “…” and “you can’t have a gun,” cause a scuffle in which the gun gets dropped and she grabs it. If you give the gun to Irene, Glenn will have something to say about it later on.

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