Videogame music makes The Terminator better

It’s week two of our new Friday video series, and we’ve decided to go a bit more topical this time. With the Terminator: Salvation movie and game both coming up soon, we wanted to revisit the movie that started it all to see how we could improve its pounding brilliance with the wonder of game sounds. But what to do?

Well in many ways the original Terminator was very similar to a videogame boss. It was almost insurmountably deadly, came back every time you thought it was dead, and had to be beaten down three times before eventually throwing in the cyber-towel. All that in mind, old-school Sonic gave us an almost too perfect solution…

Tune in next week for another of our little cinematic improvements. And in the meantime, if you have any dream movie/game music crossovers of your own - or if you've even made one - let us know about it in the comments.

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NOTE: This video is intended for parody purposes only. We sourced the video material used from YouTube, but if you are the copyright holder and would like us to remove it, get in touch at

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