The upcoming PlayStation VR games for 2016 and beyond

PlayStation VR is here and while there are an abundance of PS VR games already playable there’s still plenty to come. Wiki currently lists 107 games on the way currently and Sony says there are hundreds of developers hard at work on virtual reality games. Obviously that’s a lot. Way too much to cover in their entirety (plus some are pretty obscure things that haven't been since they were announced). So let’s cut through all the chaff and go straight for the big stuff. 

Resident Evil 7

Release date: January 2017

Why is it exciting?
Capcom’s more or less rebooting its iconic zombie game with a first person horror overhaul that can be played entirely in PS VR. Set in and around a derelict Louisiana mansion it sees you hugging its rotting walls as you try to avoid the murderous and possibly no longer human Baker family. Trust me VR scares are the most terrifying scares. 

Eagle Flight

Release date: November 8

Why is it exciting?
Think multiplayer plane shooter but the planes are eagles that sometimes fight over rabbits in this game’s version of capture the flag. Like many of the more interesting VR games this plays to the format’s strengths using head tracking to tilt and steer your bird as you battle over Paris by firing out weaponised screeches. Trust us, it works and it's nothing to do with Assassin's Creed. Honest.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Release dates: November 29

Why is it exciting?
This is the Star Trek game you’ve always wanted. Four players online, all taking key roles on the bridge of a starship. Players take command, tactical, engineering and helm roles and between them captain, shoot/ scan, transport and manage power, and fly. Obviously you can’t do it all though and this is an amazingly interesting co-op experience as you look around and see your virtual crew waving at you. 

Werewolves Within

Release date: December 6

Why is it exciting?
Traditionally the game of Werewolves is played around a table with players taking turns to be monsters, doctors and villagers, pretend-murdering each other while they close their eyes. Because it’s a game of looking, not looking and pretending to be man-wolves it works perfectly in VR. Except everything looks a lot prettier and the wolves look more like wolves, and not your mate pulling a face. 

Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR

Release date: 2016

Why is it exciting?
Death Star trench run. In VR. That’s all you really need to know about this add on to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront. Okay, it’s actually a Star Destroyer but once you get that close who’s to know. Anything that puts you in a cockpit is instantly a great fit for VR, and a setting like this is literally every fan's dream come true. Red Five, closing in…

Gran Turismo Sport 2017

Release date: 2017

Why is it exciting?
Sony’s eternally delayed racing flagship will be adding full VR support when it finally arrives later next year… yeah, we’ll stick with next year. That’s really all we’ve got so far so expect it the entire game to be playable normally and in VR much like Resi. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi does describe it as "very good and very natural”. 

Tekken 7

Release date: 2017

Why is it exciting?
Don’t worry, you won’t actually be hitting people in first person. Bandai Namco are pretty clear on that. So what does that leave? By the sounds of things a VR character viewer. Talking to Wired, senior game designer Michael Murray said “you want to see the cool characters, the cute female characters like Lucky Chloe, and we have all kinds of customisation for them”. The only character we want to see up close is Mokujin. 


Release date: TBA

Why is it exciting?
So far Farpoint is the only game to use the new VR gun Aim controller, which is a shame because it’s a brilliant peripheral. Using it you can explore a dusty Mars-like planet while shooting bug aliens that pop out from the rocks. It’s a pretty basic shooter experience but the combination of being there in VR and the excellent use of the Aim controller make this a something to really look forward to. 

Final Fantasy 15

Release date: November 29

Why is it exciting?
Final Fantasy 15’s PS VR offering isn't exactly huge but fans will be thrilled to see a new angle on this world. It’s mainly a bit of a light gun experience with you popping off shots at monsters while the rest of your dudebro mates have at it with swords. There’s also a few other bits and pieces like a quick car ride to enjoy but this is more a grab bag of tech demo and idea than full game. 


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