The upcoming PlayStation VR games for 2017 (and beyond)

Amid all the new announcements and gameplay demos shown at E3 2017, Sony hasn't forgotten about PlayStation VR. As we saw during the PlayStation E3 2017 press conference, the leading (and only) VR platform on consoles will be getting plenty of games in the near future, in case you've already blown through all the best PlayStation VR games. If you're one of the million-plus people who owns a PS VR headset, these are the PS VR games you should look forward to playing, organized by release date.

Arizona Sunshine 

Developer: Vertigo Games
Release date: June 27, 2017

This zombie shoot-'em-up is the top-selling VR game on PC, so Arizona Sunshine will no doubt be a hit on PS VR as well. There's not much to the plot beyond 'shoot swarms of undead' - and that's just fine, because this FPS doesn't need a deeper motive to provide arcadey fun. Plus, the bright sun of its desert setting ensures that you can see all the glorious gore in full detail. 

Superhot VR 

Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Release date: Summer 2017

Superhot is essentially the Matrix game you always wanted: a stark, futuristic FPS where your movements propel time forward, letting you freeze in place to nimbly dodge bullets then shoot and slash every ruby-red enemy in sight. Superhot VR isn't just about amazing action, though - it's also got an engrossing, threatening sense of mood, as the game commands you - its VR-harnessed drone - to do its bidding, no questions asked. But you won't mind, because there's nothing like slapping a gun out of an attacker's hand, blasting his head off with it, then chucking the spent pistol to knock out a distant enemy. 

ROM: Extraction 

Developer: First Contact Entertainment
Release date: Summer 2017

One of the leading 'arcade shooting gallery' games on PC is making the jump to PS VR, with all the futuristic guns and robots you could ever hope to shoot. Your main power is the ability to slow down time, called Reflex, giving you the perfect opportunity to rack up kills and stay alive against a swarm of hostile 'bots. ROM: Extraction is getting new enemy types and modes for PS VR, and will of course be compatible with the PS VR Aim Controller for maximum shooting simulation.


Developer: CCP Games
Release date: Q3 2017

The studio that brought you Eve: Valkyrie is back with another competitive game - but this one is more recreational Tron sport than Star Wars dogfighting. Like a game of Pong with multiple neon-lit balls, you and an opponent are positioned at either end of a corridor, flinging projectiles and trying to hit the other player while dodging or blocking incoming fire. You'll be able to test your 'vSport' skills in online competition, or spectate other players as they duke it out.

Final Fantasy 15: Monster of the Deep 

Developer: Supermassive Games
Release date: September 2017

The Final Fantasy 15 PS VR experience seems to have been scaled down considerably from its first teaser, but we'll take any opportunity we can to hang out with Noctis and the boys in VR. You're tagging along on a quaint fishing trip (that could turn into an all-out angling battle with gigantic sea creatures), as you reel in the catch of the day and grill up your bounty for dinner around a toasty campfire. 

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR 

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Release date: November 2017

You've probably put hundreds - or possibly thousands - of hours into Skyrim already, but you haven't played it quite like this. Skyrim VR puts you in the first-person perspective of the Dovahkiin, giving you a new appreciation for the grand scope of the environments and the grand scales of the many dragons who roam this land. It won't likely be a one-to-one version of Skyrim in VR, but expect it to feel just as gigantic as the original.

Doom VFR 

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Release date: November 2017

Never underestimate the eternal appeal of ripping and tearing through demons in Doom. Even if you've played the recent, phenomenal reboot already, there's something to be said for blasting legions of hellspawn who appear to be inches away from your actual nose. And the teleportation-based movement should give the gunplay a very different feel this time around. Oh, and if you're wondering what 'VFR' stands for, just think back to the BFG. 


Developer: Spectrevision
Release date: Spring 2018

Ubisoft's announcement of a VR game developed in part by film star Elijah Wood came as quite the surprise, but definitely the good kind. Transference seems like it'll be less of a game and more like an interactive movie that tries to get under your skin and deeply unsettle you, maybe to the point that you're scared to put your PS VR headset on. Details are still hazy, but it sounds like you'll be a guinea pig for tests involving downloaded brain data, forced to experience some traumatic, downright freaky memories.


Developer: Polyarc Games
Release date: TBC

A standout surprise from the PS VR sizzle reel shown during Sony's E3 2017 press conference, Moss looks like a captivating fantasy adventure starring an adorable, gauntlet-wearing mouse knight. Rather than playing directly as our mouse hero Quill, you're an enchanted orb of energy bonded to the mouse, guiding her through ancient, overgrown ruins and magically manipulating the environment to open up new pathways. Moss' world is absolutely gorgeous, and the satisfyingly familiar gameplay of this action adventure is the perfect match for the wonderful setting. 

Tiny Trax 

Developer: FuturLab
Release date: TBC

If you grew up playing with Hot Wheels and Micro Machines in physical or virtual form, you'll be all over Tiny Trax, a miniature racing game where you survey the imaginative courses and oversee the whole race in VR. You'll be able to compete for the fastest lap times with your little slot-car in four-player races online, with six adorable little car designs to choose from and twelve outlandish tracks to master.

No Heroes Allowed! VR 

Developer: SIE Japan Studio
Release date: TBC

If you're partial to quirky Japanese strategy games, you're likely familiar with the ridiculously named Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? No Heroes Allowed is the PS VR continuation of this goofy PSP series, casting you as the God of Destruction leading an RTS campaign of cartoonish villainy against any do-gooders who would get in your way. Being able to hang out with the flamboyant Badman and his valley girl daughter Badmella looks like a treat, as the three of you survey a tabletop kingdom that's yours for the dastardly taking once you've raised an army of monsters. 

The Persistence 

Developer: Firesprite
Release date: TBC

As anyone who's played Resident Evil 7 on a PS VR headset can tell you, horror games thrive in VR, so it's heartening (or disheartening, depending on your degree of trepidation) to see another promising frightfest on the way. The scares take place in space, aboard the Persistence research station, where the ship's computer has foolishly attempted to resurrect your dead crewmates following a catastrophic disaster. It sounds a bit like System Shock but in VR with procedural generation, which could make for some pretty terrifying sensations of disorientation.

Star Child 

Developer: Playful
Release date: TBC

This sci-fi adventure from the makers of Lucky's Tale is mostly shrouded in mystery at the moment, but the reveal trailer is certainly intriguing. A space explorer makes her way through a neon-lit facility with 2.5D platforming, giving Star Child a similar vibe to Another World. Eventually, she finds and reactivates a colossal robot, who saves her from a vicious-looking alien before taking her up in it's massive palm like the Iron Giant.

The Inpatient 

Developer: Supermassive Games
Release date: TBC

The Blackwood Sanatorium is one of the creepier settings in Until Dawn; see just how creepy it was 60 years ago in VR prequel The Inpatient, which transports you to the Sanatorium's chilling halls during its heyday in the 1950s. You're an amnesiac patient being treated by the facility's owner, Jefferson Bragg, who will surely subject you to experiments and conditioning that can only result in the paranoia and sense of isolation inherent to great psychological horror. 

Bravo Team 

Developer: Supermassive Games
Release date: TBC

Supermassive Games seems to be doubling down on PS VR with not one, but two games coming off its successful VR scares in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. But Bravo Team isn't about psychological horror or terrifying jumpscares - it's embedding you in a fictional Eastern Europe warzone for some stop-and-pop FPS shootouts. The most interesting feature is the online two-player co-op, so you and a buddy can feel like you're actually behind enemy lines as you cover one another and flank your enemies. It also supports the PS VR Aim Controller - good news for all you Farpoint players!  

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