Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code - Character 101

There are five different ways to inflict genocide upon entire species of evil bastards. Which is right for you?

Ah, the Disciple. He might have had it rough during gym class when he was a kid, but bullies taunting this plus-sized sorcerer today will likely find themselves fending off all manner of elementally-themed, magical kick-sauce. In fact, the Disciple is a bit of a sorcerous linguist: he knows how to say "your ass is mine" in all five mystic disciplines: fire, ice, electricity, poison, and the dark-themed "shadow".

For example: the Disciple can freeze you in place with a shotgun blast of frigid ice, transform into a ball of flame and literallybowl right into you and absorb your life directly with a shadow spell. As a final touch, he'll then sit laughing as you wake up and take a swing, only to find yourself sizzled by a zillion-volt lightning bolt when you connect. If you're still alive, he charms you and makes you defend him against your buddies. He's tough.

By the way, yes - that did say "shotgun blast" up there. The Disciple's shotgun is a little short-range, but there's no denying its effectiveness. He isn't strong enough to deal huge physical damage, but he carries a bladed club that can nonetheless carve a target a new smile when he's close enough. Combine that with a hefty beast form (quick tip: learn the Howl ability and get ready for varying results), and you have a mage who excels at ranged combat and crowd control, but who's no slouch when things get up close and physical.