Unreal Engine 4 tech demo Infiltrates your eyeballs

Runs live from a "single off-the-shelf Nvidia GTX 680"

Another conference, another visually exquisite Unreal tech demo. Epic Games has shown off this real-time Unreal Engine 4 demo to developers and press at GDC all week; while a video capture isn't as fun as a live showing, it is still pretty cool.

The flashy sequence titled Infiltrator mixes StarCraft: Ghost with Ghost in the Shell. Epic's made no indication of this world existing outside of tech-demo land, so chances are this is the last we'll see of its titular sneaky dude. We hope he, the Elemental demon guy, and the stubbly smoker from Samaritan are happy, wherever they are.

Epic Games VP and co-founder Mark Rein said on Twitter that the demo runs on a single off-the-shelf Nvidia GTX 680, the same setup used for last year's Elemental demo.


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