Unofficial trailer turns Batman: Arkham City into the best Batman movie never made

Goosebumps at the ready

So Batman: Arkham City is out next week. And trust me, this game is a genuine, bona fide event. Every game tries to be one of those these days, but outside of marketing, very few manage it. I'm a good few hours into Arkham City myself right, I can honestly tell you without any doubt that this is the real deal.

To acknowledge this, we've put together a custom trailer. No mere collection of PR-dumped footage and rampaging review quotes, we've given Batman: Arkham City the classy movie trailer treatment it really deserves. So click on, soak it all up, and revel in the goosebump-fest of your life. Then read the review.

Best. Orchestral score. In a game. Ever.

October 14, 2011


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