Under the Radar - Day Two

Interstellar Marines

From: Zero Point Software
Who did: It's their first game
And live in: Frederiksberg, Denmark

It's got a name that's somewhere between a Paul Verhoeven movie and a Pink Floyd album, but this slice of Danish sci-fi shooter bacon is looking very tasty, if the latest trailer is anything to go by. While unlikely to win any awards for originality - your mom could have dreamed up the it's-the-near-future-and-mankind-are-livingin-space-oh-shit-there-are-some-monsters premise - the game formerly known as Project IM is causing a minor stir with its alluring visuals, squad-based soldiering and an enemy that's a fast-moving shark... with legs! Brilliance itself.

Expect the action to take place in space stations overrun by deranged robots and genetically screwed creatures and a shady mega-corporation behind all the fuss.


An above average paint-by-numbers space shooter, we're guessing.