Ubisoft pledges seven games

Publisher Ubisoft's already committed gangster-shooter Red Steel and platformer Rayman Raving Rabbids for Nintendo's next console, but today the games giant confirmed it'll have seven titles out at launch... which is still firmly locked as an Octnovemberish time period. The newly announced games are as follows:

Far Cry - first-person shooter you've seen on both Xboxes and the PC
Blazing Angels - WWII fighter planes squadron shooter from earlier this year
GT Pro Series - Exclusive racer taking "full advantage" of the Wii-mote with 80 licensed cars
Open Season - Based on Sony's "anticipated" CG animated movie starring a bear and a deer
Monster 4x4 World Circuit - Stunt heavy truckin' with the 'mote

Look for more on all these games as Wii's inevitable launch window approaches.

August 3, 2006