Two new Kingdom Hearts titles announced

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the PSP looks like it's just as mysterious as its DS brother. The game will take place before the first Kingdom Hearts title and will follow three heroes on a mission to find a Keyblade master - who preceded Sora - and stop him.

Who is the Keyblade master and what kind of disaster will you be trying to stop by finding him? We couldn't glean any clear cut answers from the brief footage we saw.

Above: There will be no multiplayer in Birth by Sleep. It will be a strictly single-player affair

However, we did notice that one of the three main characters looks remarkably like Final Fantasy's Zack, the guy that Cloud subconsciously modeled himself after in Final Fantasy VII. Brief footage of the game revealed ambiguous conversations between the guy who looks like Zack and Roxas - who will be playing a major part in 358/2 Days on the DS.

At this time, there have been no official announcements regarding a US/UK release date for either 358/2 Days or Birth by Sleep. But check back here for further information as more details on these two titles emerge.