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Two new Kingdom Hearts titles announced

Sept 20, 2007

Two new Kingdom Hearts titles have just been announced at the Tokyo Game Show. DS owners will get 358/2 Days, while PSP owners can look forward to Birth by Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for the DS will mark the return of the heartless, Roxas, and looks it looks like the game will reveal more details about the mysterious Organization XIII.

The brief trailer showed more of Twilight Town. Expect more languid cutscenes as kids sit on dangerous precipices at the train station's clock tower and discuss the facts of life over ice cream. Brief footage of the gameplay revealed combo-driven combat that seems faithful to the series' previous titles. 358/2 Days will also feature 4 player co-op for specific multiplayer missions.

Above: When Roxas rocks, he rocks the fat ass

For now, the only Disney character whose appearance we can confirm is Mickey Mouse, as he was briefly shown in the trailer dramatically drawing the Keyblade when a mysterious robed figure removed his hood.