After the final indignity of 2002’s Turok: Evolution, we thought we’d seen the last of Turok the dinosaur hunter, but true heroes never die. Thanks to publisher Buena Vista - the Brave is back!

Yet far from the stereotypical American Indian we know and (used to) love, this makeover sees Joseph Turok reinvented as a former Black Ops commando working with Special Forces to liquidate a war criminal on a genetically-altered planet….

As Turok hunts down the elusive Kane, he’ll visit underground caverns, infiltrate enemy installations, slog through acres of jungle and bicker with his squaddies almost constantly.

But at the end of the day it’s all about the dinos, with the overgrown lizards stealing each and every scene they appear in. Watching a T-Rex gallop into view, spreading chaos and devouring all and sundry before being mauled by a pack of raptors is every Jurassic Park fan’s dream.

Developers Propaganda reckon they’re aiming for more of a comic book feel than hardcore sci-fi though, so expect plenty of one-liners and an emphasis on gung-ho action rather than hyper-realism.


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