Trials Evolution achievement guide

Hard the Hard Way


Finish ‘The Ascent” without faulting on the Rattler 125cc bike.

There are several difficult points you’ll encounter while attempting to unlock this achievement. We’ll give a quick rundown below, but also make sure to watch the inputs on the lower-right corner of the video for exact movements.

- The pipe-to-pipe jump: Make sure that from the checkpoint just before this gap you are in the neutral position and at full throttle. As soon as you hit the first pipe, simply lean forward to make the distance.

- Crossing the stack of tires: Keep your speed fairly high here, making sure that at least your back tire hits the tire stack in order to give you the necessary momentum to reach the next ramp.

- Bunny hopping up and over the stump: Stop on the tire stack just before this section and put yourself in neutral position. Hold full throttle, then quickly lean backwards then lean forward just as your front tire passes the stump (vertically) and keep the forward lean. If your front tire touches any of the ramp leading up to the stump, you can’t nail this maneuver.

- Log to log bunny hop: Stop near the checkpoint and reverse until your back tire touches the wooden plank. Lean back, then hit the gas while still leaning. As soon as your back tire passes the support logs, start your forward lean. Land your front wheels first and at a very shallow angle to complete this maneuver.

- Log to plank jump: Stop just before the checkpoint and hit the gas. Lean back slightly as you ascend the log ramp, making sure your back tire is always touching - otherwise, you won’t have enough speed to cross the gap.

- The steep inclines: Just take your time here. Keep leaning forward and apply only a small amount of throttle.

Loonie Lander


The hawk has landed. Time to show the flag! (The small one.)

Enter the UFO event in the Skill Game Circus and fly your UFO all the way past the final landing pad and down into the tall building you find there. Make sure to get inside within the first 30 seconds or else you cannot gain safe access. Once inside, carefully maneuver to the end of the path and land on the designated pad to unlock the achievement. You are not timed once inside the building, so take it slow and be feathery with your controls.

Nervous Twitch (Secret)


Doh! You had a near-perfect run on a Hard or Extreme track, but blew it after the last checkpoint.

This is incredibly easy compared to some of the other achievements on this list. Just don’t fault until you’ve passed the final checkpoint. You may accidentally get this while going for the Burnt to a Crisp achievement, though you can easily manufacture the proper circumstances on any early hard track, such as Home Run.

No Problemo


Pass the D License Test and get your first bike.

If you’re consulting this guide, then you already have this achievement.

School’s Out


Pass the A License Test and get the Phoenix.

It takes 75 medals to unlock the A License Test. If you can do that, then passing the test should be a piece of cake.