Toy Story 3 looks like GTA on acid

When the developers of Toy Story 3: The Video Game first approached Pixar about an adaptation, they prepared two very different pitches. One was obvious: String together some levels that more or less resemble some scenes in the movie, like every other licensed game in history.

Or... defy expectations and give fans what they really want: The chance to play with these beloved and iconic characters on their own terms. With their own rules. With their own imaginations. Thus, Toy Box - an open-world sandbox filled with whimsical Pixar creations instead of murderous Eastern European hitmen - was born.

Here are the latest screens, showing just how wild and bizarre this freeform return to childhood can get:

Of course, being the ultimate perfectionists, Pixar eventually asked for both the Toy Box and the story-based missions. So when Toy Story 3: The Video Game releases on June 15, you can decide for yourself which approach to licensed adaptations you like best.

May 6, 2010

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