Titanic 3D trailer arrives

Get ready to swoon yourselves sick all over again, as a “new” trailer for upcoming re-release Titanic 3D has arrived online.

Yep, three-dimensional fetishist James Cameron has succumbed to the inevitable and set about polishing up a new 3D cut of his box office-shattering romantic epic. Because it didn’t really make enough money first time around, did it?

So prepare to whoop with excitement as that “iceberg dead ahead” comes looming out of the screen, and Leo’s chilly breath hangs so close in the air that you can almost touch it.

Refresh your memories below with the latest trailer…

Referring to itself as “the world’s most beloved and acclaimed film” is a little too self-aggrandizing for our taste, but there’s no denying that the new cut looks lovely and shiny. Obviously you can’t actually see the 3D element on your laptop, but given Cameron’s prowess with the technology, it’s a safe bet that it'll look pretty special.

And much as we’d like to be cynical about the whole endeavour, we can’t deny the appeal of seeing a 3D version of the collision sequence on the big screen.

Titanic 3D is released in UK cinemas on 4 April 2012. Our hearts will indeed go on…


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