Time traveling with Link

Mention Link today and most people will envisage the young wolf boy that inhabits Twilight Princess complete with his signature sword, shield and green tunic. And while there’s no denying that this is certainly the best Link has ever looked, he’s come along way since he first graced our consoles way back in 1986.

Of course it comes as no surprise that Link has taken on a wealth of different looks over his years of adventuring and exploring. He began his adventures as a tiny sprite in The Legend of Zelda before becoming a 3D model in Ocarina of Time and cel-shaded in The Wind Waker. This ability to move with the times and keep the gaming worlds feeling fresh and accessible has earned Link his place as one of the longest surviving and most loved characters in gaming history. (Sorry Lara)

Take a look at the video below and read the next few pages and you’ll see what we mean. Starting at the very beginning with Link’s appearance on Nintendo’s NES and travelling through 20 years of gaming history, until we hit 2006 and Twilight Princess on Wii, the video will give you an idea of how Link and the Zelda series has molded and transformed into what we know and love today.


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