Tiberium Twilight

Think back to your first visit to the Tiberium Universe. The first time your Commando made a kill left-handed. The moment when your APC of engineers humiliated your enemy by capturing their base. Most likely it was a long time ago, back when the RTS genre consisted of but a handful of early hopefuls, all expanding the real-time gameplay pioneered in Dune 2. Command and Conquer lead the charge, popularizing the RTS genre and introducing the world to the timeless battle between the GDI and Kane's forces of Nod.

The original C&C revolutionized a stagnant early-90s strategy market, with genre-shaking resource management gameplay, then-revolutionary 4-player multiplayer and stunning FMV cut-scenes.

It also gave the world its first taste of the Tiberium Universe, where the UN-backed Global Defense Initiative is locked in a brutal war with a quasi-religious militant group, known as the Brotherhood of Nod, and its infamous leader Kane.

In a refreshing twist to the ultra-real war settings of other RTS games of the time, C&C also introduced a hint of sci-fi with the arrival of the strange alien substance tiberium. This strange crystalline material mutates everything in its path and is the main catalyst behind Nod and GDI's worldwide campaign.


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