The SFX Weekender welcomes 2000 AD

You couldn’t get hotter than the SFX Weekender right now. Not only did we recently announce that the legendary Tom Baker would be making an appearance in person at the definitive SF event of the new decade (okay, maybe that’s a little premature), but we may well be pushing the guest list into molten territory with our latest announcement. Four of the creators of hugely popular British comic 2000 AD will be in Camber Sands on 5-6 February 2010 for signings, talks and comic panels with a no doubt eager audience.

Not only that but two of these legendary creators will be participating in a workshop where they’ll be working on the creation of a comic page, live, with the audience. If you’ve ever had a passing interest in how some of those iconic 2000 AD panels get thrown together into such a satisfying whole you won’t want to miss this.

Clint Langley
Clint Langley began his 2000 AD career with the fully painted artwork of his co-created series Dinosty, and has also illustrated Judge Dredd, Nemesis the Warlock, Outlaw, Sinister Dexter and Tales of Telguuth. However, it is the striking mixture of fully painted art and digital manipulation on Sláine and the A.B.C. Warriors that is making him a firm favourite with fans. As well as working for 2000 AD Langley has produced covers for Games Workshop and Marvel publications, produced art for World of Warcraft and Magic The Gathering and is the winner of the 2007 Inquest Gamer Fan Awards for Best Artist.

UPDATE: Clint will be creating a massive drawing near the 2000 AD stand at the event so people can see him work. The drawing - which could be up to 8ft across - will then be available as a competition prize at the end of the Weekender! Thanks Clint, looking forward to it.

Leigh Gallagher
Leigh was looked upon strangely as he attempted to leap triumphantly in the air when Tharg gave him his first professional comics work in 2000 AD. Since then he has worked on Vertigo’s The Witching, DC Comics’ Justice League Unlimited, and he was the 2008 artist on Lego’s Bionicle. Now he’s back with 2000 AD on Defoe, reinventing himself using a style inspired by his early love of British comics Scream, Eagle and, of course, 2000 AD. He has finally realised he will never accomplish that triumphant leap, but is still looked upon strangely.

Al Ewing
Al Ewing is a rising star writer for 2000 AD – having scripted numerous Future Shocks and Terror Tales, he has co-created the series Go Machine, Dead Signal, Tempest, and Zombo, as well as becoming a regular contributor to Judge Dredd. Future projects for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic include a sequel to Zombo, Zombo’s Eleven, and the future-war drama Damnation Station. Outside of comics, he has written three novels for Abaddon – El Sombra, I, Zombie, and Death Got No Mercy.

Remember the final few tickets are still available for the SFX Weekender. For more details visit . Guests appear subject to work commitments.

UPDATE: Sadly Ian Edginton will not be able to attend due to personal commitments. Apologies for the inconvenience.




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