The World Ends With You - Villain bios

We profile the badass Reapers you throw down with in Square's latest action RPG

Megumi Kitaniji
Look at Mr. Cool here, sporting a suit made from a velour throw blanket, yo-yo earrings and alligator boots. As one of the highest ranked Reapers, Kitaniji%26rsquo;s perfectionist attitude makes him not only a prick around his fellow villains, but also one of the best. Fun fact: he wears sunglasses indoors because he oozes that much style.

Sho Minamimoto
Sporting ripped cargo pants, a crimson bandana under his wicked trucker hat, and trench coat as black as his heart, Minamimoto rose within the Reaper ranks incredibly fast considering he%26rsquo;s only 18. Not only is he viciously intelligent, but Minamimoto%26rsquo;s one cruel son of a bitch. Also, he doesn%26rsquo;t tip waitresses. Quite a dick.

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