The World Ends With You - Villain bios

Mitsuki Konishi
Doing her best hot-librarian impression, Konisihi is actually one of the highest ranking Reapers. However, she isn’t one to get her stockings dirty. She’s more like the Reaper secretary, initiating all the orders for the missions that Neku and co. have to follow. Sweet and sultry on the outside, she’s quite the cynical bitch when you get to know her.

Koki Kariya
Known as the “big brother” amongst the Reapers, Kariya’s a bit more apathetic than the others. Not to say he’s a slouch, because this Carrot Top-bastard takes more pride in one day of his job than you do in a year of pencil pushing. Preferring to work with cutie pie Yashiro, Kariya always says “Bring it” while daintily holding a Blow Pop. And to piss you off, he dons a black hoodie with no sleeves. Just to be an asshole.