The World Ends With You - Villain bios

Uzuki Yashiro
Partnering with Kariya, this underage jailbait acts arrogant in front of Neku, but is actually the most insecure Reaper of the bunch. When not fretting about whether or not Kariya are more than friends, she’s listening to Dashboard Confessional and watching The Hills on MTV. Beware her modesty face too, which leads us to believe she thinks her farts are “cute.” No they aren’t Yashiro. No they aren’t.

Yodai Higashizawa
MONGO SMASH HIPSTERS. This hulking megatank of brute can’t wait to break faces and get into a donnybrook. Adept at battle, but clumsy when it comes to zippers and small doorways, Yodai is the most physically powerful Reaper. Like most college jocks, he’ll find any reason to start a fight be it by someone accidentally spilling his drink or referencing his lame dreadlocks.

Mar 26, 2008