The Oscars gets a trailer

An official trailer has been released for next month’s Academy Awards, and despite seeming a mite too pleased with itself, we must admit the final “reveal” did make us chuckle.

The spoof trailer shows William Fichtner dispatching Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel on a mission to track down a legendary figure known only as “The Host”. On the way they hook up with Robin Williams and, er, Vinnie Jones, before meeting their man.

Check out the new trailer below…

You see, this is why Billy Crystal is always a solid option to host the Oscars – there’s just something inherently warm and likeable about him, which is a refreshing antidote to the naked ambition and emotional incontinence on display elsewhere at the ceremony.

And it’s always a pleasure to see William Fichtner hamming it up on screen. We can take or leave Mr. Jones, mind…

The 84th Annual Academy Awards will be held on 26 February, with nominations arriving on 24 January. Get those betting slips ready…


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