The longest game intro movie ever

Interesting tidbit
The city streets are far more detailed this time around. Expect more folk going about their business.

8 mins, 4 seconds
Oh my god! We’re actually playing! It’s a bit of game! We’re controlling that little man! Let’s follow that tiny circle in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and see what happens…

Interesting tidbit
Sega has been hard at work to cut down the loading times, making for a far smoother gaming experience.

12 mins, 49 seconds
Oh. It sparks another 23 minutes of detailed cutscenes, during which our hero is imprisoned, spends a bit of time glowering in jail, and is then released again. Thumbs twiddle.

Interesting tidbit
The revamped fighting system has been beefed up, allowing you to quickly switch direction mid-combo.