The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

What's the biggest problem with the Hulk movie? There's just not enough action. And what does Hulk do best? Hulk smash. To make up for the lack of chaos in both the film and its 2003 game, Ultimate Destruction throws more tanks, jets and titanic mechs your way than any other game in existence. But no matter the odds, regardless of how many people are burning, blasting or broiling the Hulk, one truth never changes - Hulk will smash everything into the ground.

The game starts off normally enough, casually hounding you with police or robots, but by the end you're leaping buildings in one jump and grabbing helicopters by the cockpit until they spiral into the rocky caverns below. There's just so much madness on your ass that you really feel like the Hulk, hunted by legions of bothersome flies that can't stop you, but certainly annoy the hell out of you.

Taking the fight into the inner city offers all new ways of powering up. He can wrap cars around his fists or ride a flattened bus like a skateboard, ripping up the road and anything else that happens to get in the way. Tired of jumping everywhere? Dig your indestructible fingers and toes into a building and literally run up walls, grab missiles out of the air and launch them back at the puny humans below.

Just like Ultimate Spider-Man, there's so much unlockable content it'll keep fans busy for hours after the story's done. Our only complaint here is that Hulk doesn't instantly regenerate. That probably wouldn't make for a balanced game though, so it's forgivable.

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