The Fast and the Furious

Racers, do you spend your weekends in the parking lot of In-N-Out Burger, revealing your car’s innards to your fellow gearheads? Do you marvel at the guy who’s ruined his credit score by buying a valve contraption to turn his 92’ Civic into a wheel-disintegrating metallic cheetah? Do you hate the guy who got a Viper for his Sweet 16 MTV celebration-of-greed party? The jerkwad who barks horsepower threats and brags about how his dad is CEO of Hot Dog on a Stick?

Above: The game won't look as shiny as this PS2 screen, but it shouldn't be TOO huge a difference

Well, get ready to feel sinister satisfaction. The reflection of his face in his PSP screen is gonna be all melted when you unleash your Lexus LFA concept car and destroy his Initial D dreams on the pixel pavement of The Fast and the Furious. The game world mimics the freeways and mountains of Tokyo Bay in 1/5 scale, translating to a 20-minute drive to circle it all. Due to the game’s early, volatile, and unsafe state of development, we weren’t allowed to get our finger oils on a Sony machine and test-drive this specimen. But the company men of developers Namco-Bandai did tour us around their toddler.

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