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Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 will start filming next year. Danger Zone and need for speed TBC

It’s time to feel the need for speed – again. Top Gun 2, with Tom Cruise as Maverick is a real, actual thing. They say never go back, but, come on, a second trip to the Danger Zone is just too good to turn down.

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Cruise confirmed on Australia’s Sunrise on 7 that Top Gun 2 would be happening. “It’s true” he answered, with a beaming grin covering his face. Safe to say he’s looking forward to stepping back into the cockpit.

This news will come as a relief to fans of the franchise as Tom Cruise has said the journey to Top Gun 2 wouldn’t be plain sailing as recently as last year on the Graham Norton Show (opens in new tab), with Cruise eventually saying, “Yes, we’re discussing it...We’re trying to figure it out.” 

That chimes with a tweet from producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer late last year suggesting that Top Gun was making inroads with a sequel.

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Other than Cruise’s confirmation, details are a little thin on the ground (and air, for that matter). Will Iceman rejoin the party? Will Top Gun still work in the 21st Century? Will it be the greatest bro-quel of all time? (Hopefully, possibly and, oh god, yes to answer my own questions).

Image: Paramount

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