Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 will start filming next year. Danger Zone and need for speed TBC

It’s time to feel the need for speed – again. Top Gun 2, with Tom Cruise as Maverick is a real, actual thing. They say never go back, but, come on, a second trip to the Danger Zone is just too good to turn down.

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Cruise confirmed on Australia’s Sunrise on 7 that Top Gun 2 would be happening. “It’s true” he answered, with a beaming grin covering his face. Safe to say he’s looking forward to stepping back into the cockpit.

This news will come as a relief to fans of the franchise as Tom Cruise has said the journey to Top Gun 2 wouldn’t be plain sailing as recently as last year on the Graham Norton Show, with Cruise eventually saying, “Yes, we’re discussing it...We’re trying to figure it out.” 

That chimes with a tweet from producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer late last year suggesting that Top Gun was making inroads with a sequel.

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Other than Cruise’s confirmation, details are a little thin on the ground (and air, for that matter). Will Iceman rejoin the party? Will Top Gun still work in the 21st Century? Will it be the greatest bro-quel of all time? (Hopefully, possibly and, oh god, yes to answer my own questions).

Image: Paramount

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