The E3 you didn't see

The Undead
Gamecock's procession of E3 widows and zombie booth babes, from a post-show mock funeral on Friday, was a sexy freak parade at which flesh was plentiful but booze was in shockingly short supply. Next we're back at the hangar for a quick shot of the portable latrines, then we see Brett reenacting a scene from the Transformers movie. Breaking the fourth wall, we're treated to a street person blocking the sidewalk in front of our leather-appointed towncar.

Forget the Zapper, we have the scoop on the latest Nintendo controller. This new controller was apparently designed so Donkey Kong can play Wii Fit while swinging from ring to ring. Kudos to Nintendo for staying ahead of the curve. We close with an homage to the infinite mirror that is the media, filmed behind G4's stage on the show floor. We cut the clip off right before some exciting new Halo 3 footage, because we figured you'd rather look at commercials. We hope you've enjoyed this look behind the scenes with GamesRadar at E3 07. Check our E3Supersite for a massive list of everything we saw and played.


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