The E3 you didn't see

Hotel Hopping
A trip by Ubi's hotel suite earned us interviews with a few of the aforementioned Frag Dolls. In this montage, you'll also see our Nintendo editor Brett Elston delightedly rubbing his back against a pillar at the Fairmont Hotel after the short but sweet Konami press conference. Another treat is some unreleased footage of our official "swag mannequin" (actually our PC editor Tyler Nagata).

To combat the jaded and cynical among us, we've including a clip of Hideo Kojima stating, in no uncertain words, his love for E3. While Kojima's love for E3 was emotional and heartfelt, Space Siege developer Chris Taylor apparently had something more physical in mind. Returning briefly to Konami, we tossed in a quick shot of the underwhelming announcement of the Silent Hill 5 logo. No trailer, just logo. C'mon, throw us a bone, guys! Then we cut back again to a quick series from Hollywood: the menacing Bethesda bull, Senior Editor Joe McNeilly trying to get a cab, and our hotel illuminating the late-night LA smog.