The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 1

We run through the entire list - with pics and statistics

Pok%26eacute;mon Name: Turtwig
Type: Grass
Classification: Shoot Pok%26eacute;mon
Pok%26eacute;dex Number: 001 Sinnoh / 387 National
Ability: Overgrow %26ndash; Increases strength of Grass-type moves in a pinch
Dream World ability: Shell Armor %26ndash; not affected by critical hits
Useful Attacks: Razor Leaf

Location Found:
D/P/P: Starter Pok%26eacute;mon
HG/SS: Trade from D/P/P
B/W: Poke Transfer

Pok%26eacute;mon Diamond and Pearl%26rsquo;s Grass starter is one of the most popular of the new Pok%26eacute;mon introduced.

Turtwig%26rsquo;s vacant stare and cute looks bely its power - of the starters, Turtwig learns stronger attacks faster than the others, and its Physical and Special potentials are balanced, giving it a variety of moves it can use effectively. Additionally, Turtwig can learn the Dark-typed Bite attack early on, making it a handy dispatcher of Psychic- and Ghost-type Pok%26eacute;mon.

Evolves to Grotle at Level 18.

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