TalkRadar 49 – your king demands it!

Dead to Rights, a name-hating monarch and the worst audio from videogame movies

Top 7... games where you play as food%26ndash; strange how most of the games where you play as food suck a whole lotta ass.

Above: That kid knows exactly how much pain Ninjabread Man is in

The many faces of Wolverine%26ndash; Just in time for today%26rsquo;s probably mediocre movie!

Above: Jae Lee is a fantastic artist, though his Scott Stapp phase from 2004 is definitely a career low

17 game soundtracks ahead of their time%26ndash; this article should be required reading/listening for all gamers. Appreciate your medium!

Above: One Man and his Droid was freakishly ahead of its time

16 awesomely bad videogame movie moments%26ndash; watch these clips so you%26rsquo;ll never have to watch the whole damn thing.

Above: At least Double Dragon was faithful to the game

His Highness the Norwegian King sayeth NAY to yon peon%26rsquo;s request to changeth his given name to %26ldquo;Sonic X%26rdquo;%26ndash; and we laugh for three minutes straight

Above: Who wouldn%26rsquo;t want to be forever associated with this

Win one of five fabulous FREE t-shirts!%26ndash; merely submit your most embarrassing/shameful/entertaining gaming t-shirt story.

Above: Could be yours if you%26rsquo;re a big enough dorkass!

Question of the Week 33%26ndash; what%26rsquo;s the first game you ever pre-ordered? Answer in the forums OR on theQOTWarticle page.

Above: Some mirthful polterjester taped the face of Paul Ryan above a urinal%26hellip; and then some humorless cad took it down

Above: I%26rsquo;m telling you, the headsets work better if they%26rsquo;re plugged in

Above: Chris if he were a witch??

Above: Another busy week in theFan Art Thread, thanks to Donkey Puncher%26rsquo;s BrettBot

Above: As well as Romination%26rsquo;s reference to one of T-Dar%26rsquo;s very first in-jokes

Above: Let%26rsquo;s not forget Vagrant%26rsquo;s three-pronged fan art of Pure Flattery

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Post date: May 1, 2009
T-Dar 49 length: 02:00:47
Quote of the week: %26ldquo;Minneapolis shall henceforth be known as Bonertown.%26rdquo;
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