TalkRadar 47 – Danger! High Voltage!

The Conduit, immortal villains, Keyboard Cat and a book contest!

The Top 7%26hellip; Villains that never stay dead%26ndash; Kill them as much as you want. They%26rsquo;re just going to come back in the sequel.

Agent Washington%26rsquo;s greatest f***ing quotes%26ndash; The best motherf***ing dialogue we%26rsquo;ve ever f***ing heard in a f***ing game about for the f***ing Wii about shooting f***ing zombies in the f***ing d***** c****** while **** and **** *** ****** *** over ***** **** ** balls *** ***** **** **** policeman.

Rock Band Unplugged%26ndash; Remember Amplitude and Frequency? Yeah, it%26rsquo;s like that.

The Conduit%26ndash; Brett and Chris sit down with David Pellis of High Voltage Software to chat about the upcoming Wii FPS.

World of Warcraft contest%26ndash; We%26rsquo;ve got five hardcover copies of World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King to give away, and one of them COULD BE YOURS! All we ask in return is a story.

Above: Enter to win this here

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat%26ndash; Apathetic kitty plays a musical salute to YouTube, one video at a time. Also the source of this week%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;wrap it up%26rdquo; music.

We Didn%26rsquo;t Start the Flame War%26ndash; CollegeHumor animates internet comments. Horror and hilarity (horrlarity?) ensue.

Question 31: Was there ever a point at which you considered giving up videogames?

Above: Brett shows off next week%26rsquo;s Top 7. NO PEEKING!

Above: Chris desperately tries to comprehend our primitive Earth technology in time to play The Conduit

Above: T-Dar superfan and Silver Age creator Charlie Gavin debuted his fourth amazing TalkRadar strip, now in color! (Click the comic for a larger version)

Above: Forum member derrderr420 assembled the TalkRadar cast in LEGO%26hellip;

Above: %26hellip; which prompted this response from FalconMbuster

Above: Think you can create a better mutant than this scrotal aberration by forum member P3N15? Then submit your entry here before Monday and maybe you can win a free download code for Fallout 3%26rsquo;s The Pitt DLC

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Post date: April 17, 2009
T-Dar 46 length: 2:02:46
Quote of the week: "Rrrreeeeeeeerreeeeeeeeerrrrrr."
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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