TalkRadar 47 – Danger! High Voltage!

The Top 7… Villains that never stay dead– Kill them as much as you want. They’re just going to come back in the sequel.

Agent Washington’s greatest f***ing quotes– The best motherf***ing dialogue we’ve ever f***ing heard in a f***ing game about for the f***ing Wii about shooting f***ing zombies in the f***ing d***** c****** while **** and **** *** ****** *** over ***** **** ** balls *** ***** **** **** policeman.

Rock Band Unplugged– Remember Amplitude and Frequency? Yeah, it’s like that.

The Conduit– Brett and Chris sit down with David Pellis of High Voltage Software to chat about the upcoming Wii FPS.

World of Warcraft contest– We’ve got five hardcover copies of World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King to give away, and one of them COULD BE YOURS! All we ask in return is a story.

Above: Enter to win this here

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat– Apathetic kitty plays a musical salute to YouTube, one video at a time. Also the source of this week’s “wrap it up” music.

We Didn’t Start the Flame War– CollegeHumor animates internet comments. Horror and hilarity (horrlarity?) ensue.

Question 31: Was there ever a point at which you considered giving up videogames?

Above: Brett shows off next week’s Top 7. NO PEEKING!

Above: Chris desperately tries to comprehend our primitive Earth technology in time to play The Conduit

Above: T-Dar superfan and Silver Age creator Charlie Gavin debuted his fourth amazing TalkRadar strip, now in color! (Click the comic for a larger version)

Above: Forum member derrderr420 assembled the TalkRadar cast in LEGO…

Above: … which prompted this response from FalconMbuster

Above: Think you can create a better mutant than this scrotal aberration by forum member P3N15? Then submit your entry here before Monday and maybe you can win a free download code for Fallout 3’s The Pitt DLC

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Post date: April 17, 2009
T-Dar 46 length: 2:02:46
Quote of the week: "Rrrreeeeeeeerreeeeeeeeerrrrrr."
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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