Swanky shots from the Final Fantasy XIII launch party

Above: That made wayfor a 25-minute panel on the impact of Final Fantasy, starring Mark Cerny, Graeme Devine, Chris Taylor, Feargus Urquhart and Corrinne"everything Halo"Yu. Look 'em up!

Above: The panel then toasted itself and the game, which was kind of weird as none of us in the audience had anything to do with either

Above: The audience donned 3D glasses for a special trailer of FFXIII. Nothing new, but the technology was damn good

Above: DJ Mom Jeanskicked off his set with aremix of Lightning's theme, then went into an eclectic mix of Daft Punk, MGMT, SilversunPickupsand Mos Def

Above: As we left, we spotted these art inserts on the outside of the venue

Above: Finally, we took this brief video of the dancers who suddenly hopped onstage to dance around. We heard they were Maxim girls. Strange, but somehow fitting.