Superman Returns updated impressions

We strap on the big red boots of the man of steel

There are nine major villains Superman can fight it out with, but we only got a chance to see an original creation just for this game named Overcast. This creep served as kind of a tutorial boss to get Superman familiar with the basics of hand-to-hand combat and acquaint the player with the mechanics of battling a super-sized villain. After a couple of punches, Overcast tires of tackling the man of steel in a fair fight and super-sizes himself, growing to a height of several stories. This changes Superman's rules of engagement a bit, as punches no longer pack the wallop required to fell Overcast, so he has to switch to picking up chunks of debris and chucking them at the giant menace.

Above: Freeze breath. Ten bucks says some guy at Mentos just got a great idea for a commercial.

At about 40% complete - which means we really should have seen some legit screens by now, but whatever - Superman Returns already looks like it could be the best Superman game yet... of course, given the lousy Superman games of the past, that's not saying a whole lot. Still, we'll be looking forward to mackin' on Lois Lane this fall just the same.