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Superman Returns updated impressions

We got a chance to view the new Superman Returns game in all of its primary color-lovin' glory, and that tiny taste leads us to believe that this could be Superman's best console adventure yet. Focusing on the non-linear style of gameplay found in other superhero favorites (like Spider-man 2 and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction), Superman Returns delivers an open Metropolis with a sprawling 80 square miles and over 7,000 buildings.

Above: These are not "real" screens just yet; they're target renders roughly guess-timating what the final gameshouldlook like, at least on 360 and PC.

The city is extremely interactable, enabling you to buzz around town picking up a wide variety of structures like the Daily Planet globe. Flying at a speed of about 800 miles per hour, Superman can easily navigate through the huge city, but if he gets lost, he can always fall back on the overhead 3D map screen to show him where things are popping.