Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage hit the Virtual Console a couple weeks ago and we are psyched. While the sequels improved upon the original, there was nothing like the thrill of the first. We can go on and on about the punk with Freddy Kruger claws or the wrestler you fight on a beach or even the giant elevator level, but that would be boring. Download it and check it out yourself. Oh, if you get stuck, peep this trusty guide for all your ass-kicking needs.

Bad ending
Wanna taking over the crime syndicate instead of defeating the evil Mr. X? You must battle through the game in two-player mode. When you meet Mr. X, you’ll be asked whether you want to become his right-hand man. One player must answer yes, the other must say no. The two players will then fight to the death. Mr. X will repeat the question to the survivor. This time, answer no. You’ll fight him as normal, but if you win you’ll take over as boss of the syndicate.

By the way: To beat Mr. X, get up close to him when he’s shooting his Tommy gun.


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