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Street Legal Racing: Redline Cheats, Codes & Guides

Street Legal Racing: Redline Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    You must have patch 2.1.8 of the game or higher to use these codes. Go to the Garage to enter codes and press the tuning button to activate them:
    BegForMoney - get $100,000
    Letmeroc - You need $100,000 and it gets the Race of Champions
    Submitted by Boohbah
  • Win drag races

    When you start the game, buy an Einvagen for 15,000. supe the car up to 362bhp. take all of the bodywork of to make the car lighter. press the 'advance one hour' button till it's around 22.00. You will always will since you have the lighter car and more power. Make sure you turn the traffic density on minimum.
    Submitted by Boohbah

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