Star Trek: Tactical Assault

This is our third go-around with flat-space shooter Star Trek: Tactical Assault and we're still waiting – and hoping - for the game to come together before its holiday release.

In Assault you pilot a Federation or, once unlocked, Klingon warship from Star Trek 's original TV series era, jumping into various space sectors to perform seemingly simple missions. Much like a Disney theme park ride, however, even the simplest task can go terribly awry: Enemies pop in from hyperspace and start shooting, the good guys are bad, the bad guys are good, dogs and cats are living together - well, you get the picture.

To disarm these potentially catastrophic battles in space, you can try to talk your way through by choosing from a set of conversational text blurbs. If you play your cards right, your decisions will minimize damage while maximizing end-of-mission points to help upgrade your crew's ship-enhancing abilities.

When diplomacy gives way to a healthy trade of phasers and photon torpedoes, which is often, things go spiraling south. Plan to perpetually circle around opponents to knock out portions of their shields while waiting for weapons to recharge. Basically, it's all about cutting figure eights while keeping your weaker, busted shields pointed away from enemy weapons.


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