Read our Splatoon 2 tips and clean up in the Global Testfire

The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire is live! If you played in the first session and were thrown for a loop by its idiosyncratic approach to shooting action, don't get discouraged. Submerged underneath all that ink and Cephalo-Tokyo fashion are a few strategies that will get any new player on the path to the top of the leaderboards. Check out these Splatoon 2 tips before the next session begins!

General Splatoon 2 tips

Go for coverage, not kills

Remember, how many kills (sorry, "splats") you get has nothing to do with whether you win. Victory is determined solely by which side covers more of the ground in its color of ink. Walls don't count! While everyone else is caught up in big team fights in the middle of the arena, you could be winning the match by inking less-busy parts of the map.

If you're not shooting, stay in the ink

Not only do you recover ammo while submerged in your team's ink, you move faster, are much harder to see, and are a smaller target. Just don't become so enamored with the speed and stealth of your squid form that you forget to pop out and ink over bare patches or the enemy's turf - remember, it's all about coverage!

Don't super jump into the middle of a fight 

Pull up the map with "X" then press one of the D-Pad directions to pick a teammate to "Super Jump" to. This is a great way to get back into the fight whether you just got splatted or don't have much to ink nearby. But take a second to watch the map before you commit to a jump. If the area near your selected teammate looks contested (a lot of Splat icons, or a bunch of the enemy's ink appearing) you should pick another spot. Your dropzone will be marked by a prominent target, so if there are enemies nearby you'll probably land in the middle of an ambush.

Use your special abilities or lose them

Covering ground and splatting enemies builds your special gauge, but getting splatted yourself takes a big ol' chunk out of it. If you see a decent opportunity to bust out your Inkjet or Tentamissiles, do it - in the time you spend waiting for a "perfect" setup, you may miss out on two or three really good ones.

Splatoon 2 weapon tips

Splattershots stay at range

Ah, the friendly Splattershot. This is a good starter weapon, but it still requires a little bit of discipline to use effectively since it only shines at mid-range. Don't catapult yourself right into a big patch of enemy ink where hidden bad guys could get the drop on you; work your way in from the edges instead. Use the terrain to keep distance between you and Dualies or Rollers as you chip off their health, and block off a Charger's escape route before you circle back for the kill. Sorry, sorry, splat.

Splat Dualies dodge for accuracy

The Splat Dualies are a new weapon type for Splatoon and they're very powerful at close range. They also have a handy (although very short-distance) dodge ability you can use by pressing "B" while firing. Dodge frequently! Not just because it makes you harder to hit, but because it briefly reduces the spread on your Dualies (represented by your two crosshairs converging). This makes them killer at close range - just a second of sustained fire should do the trick - and more viable at longer distances.

Chargers charge and move

Chargers haven't changed much from the first game, but they do let you briefly retain a charged shot while you're in ink now. This is your emergency escape device; if some Splat Dualie-toting sucker rushes your sniper's nest, just go into squid-mode, withdraw a few paces, then pop out and blast 'em.

Rollers jump and fling

There's something very zen about laying down massive sheets of ink with a Splat Roller, and something not-at-all-zen (but still very satisfying) about rolling right over an unsuspecting enemy. But if your opponent is aware of you, you'll have better luck trying to take them out by tapping ZR to fling ink from your roller. The standard horizontal ground fling is good at close range, but if you jump first then attack you'll do a vertical fling that has surprising range and stopping power. Great for catching folks by surprise!