Spider-Man PS4: It's all about how "awesome" Spidey is, Insomniac given freedom by Marvel, and everything you need to know

Fast facts

  • Spider-Man PS4 release date: TBC
  • Developer: Insomniac
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Format: PS4

Update: March 17, 2017, Spider-Man PS4 is all about how "awesome" our favourite hero is 

Insomniac is still keeping all of its Spidey info close to its web covered chest but Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann has been enthusing about the game. As reported on Reddit by GamingSince95 (me too, pal), Rosemann was waxing lyrical about the Insomniac and Marvel teams' shared love for Spidey. They even eat together and had the same underpants growing up, and it's all leading up to one thing; showing the world how brilliant Spider-Man is.

"You may have heard that we’re making a Spider-Man game with Ted Price’s team at Insomniac and our friends at Sony Interactive Entertainment," he said. "The other day we were sitting around talking… Insomniac is only ten minutes away from Marvel Games offices… and we’re eating lunch and talking, asking each other: “hey, when you first get into Spider-Man? And we all realized we had the same story. We discovered him when we were very little. Not only that, we all realized that we all owned the same Spider-Man underoos back in the day." 

"And it feels like our lives have driven us to this moment. This is our purpose: to show the world why this character is so awesome. To bring this fictional world into the real world. It’s very personal for us. We’re going to focus our life’s journey into this game, to celebrate him with the world." Hmm, anyone betting on promotional Spidey underwear with the special edition...?

Update: March 3, 2017, Spider-Man PS4's dev team have the "freedom to tell their story" from Marvel

We already knew that Insomniac's Spider-Man PS4 was going to be independent from the current Marvel universe and nothing to do with this year's Spider-Man: Homecoming but Marvel Creative Director Bill Rosemann has elaborated even further. In an interview with IGN, Rosemann confirmed that dev teams like Insomniac and Telltale Games which has a Guardians of the Galaxy game on the way are being encouraged to create something fresh. 

"We want to give [developers] freedom to tell their story and we want to make it an original story," he said. "We want to give our partners...freedom to look at all of Marvel history and to pick from what interests them. It's a bit like we're saying, 'Hey you're the chef, you're going to make this meal. Here's all of the ingredients. You pick the ingredients that you like and make a new meal."

Insomniac has been playing its cards close to its chest so it's unclear what's going to be served up. Hopefully we'll find out sooner rather than later. E3 is far too far away. 

Spider-Man PS4 is from Ratchet and Clank devs Insomniac 

There's nothing like a good Spider-Man game to blow away the cobwebs. No, seriously, when was the last time you enjoyed a game as much as Spider-Man 2 all the way back in 2004? Insomniac's super arachnid offering was announced at Sony's E3 conference last year and since then we've been clamouring for more info on the first Spidey game not to have been made by Activision in nearly 20 years. What we do know for sure is that the game has absolutely nothing to do with the new Spider-Man Homecoming movie out later this year. Insomniac hasn't been revealing much but we've pieced together some interesting info that you don't have to hunt down the Daily Bugle to read. 

From a potential release date to a leaked villain, here's everything we know about Spider-Man PS4 so far.  

The Spider-Man PS4 release date is still a mystery

There's no release date yet and Insomniac isn't giving anything away. This is the official word tweeted out to a fan: 

US retailer GameStop did list a December 26, 2017 release date at one stage but that was quickly shut down by Insomniac which reiterated that "there was no release date" again. Let's face it though, 2017 is looking pretty likely. When a fan last year suggested 2018, Insomniac was quick to say that it might be coming sooner. 

We've not seen much more since E3 but we did get a glimpse of the game at Sony's event for the PS4 Pro at the end of the summer. Mark Cerny showed Spider-Man PS4 as a showcase for the PlayStation 4 Pro's increased resolution. Mmm, 4K web-slinging. That open world city is looking pretty fine!

So it's just called Spider-Man PS4? 

For the time being, yes. Although the official account has tweeted this out recently, teasing a proper name, and some more gameplay. The suggestion was that this content would be revealed at December's PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, but those plans changed prior to the event. 

The Spider-Man PS4 trailer looks amazing

Admit it, that looks exciting. Insomniac is adamant that it's all in game too, repeatedly reiterating the fact to fans asking about gameplay. If that's what it looks like at the announcement stage then not only should it look even better at launch, but that can't (hopefully) be that far away. 

The trailer seems to show a very acrobatic Spidey, not only swinging through the streets but also performing some very springy indoor acrobatics. The combat also seems to take advantage of both webs and agility. 

Spider-Man PS4 has PS4 Pro support, so it'll look even more amazing

This video shows a brief glimpse of Spider-Man running on a PS4 Pro. Now you won't really be able to see what effect that has on a YouTube video of a livestream, but just listen to the soothing voice of Mark Cerny and believe everything he says. 

The Spider-Man PS4 story is an all new one and Insomniac is working with Marvel

Obviously Insomniac isn't talking about Spider-Man PS4's story in depth yet but we know two things: it won't be an origin story (this is an experienced Spidey who's ready to go without watching Uncle Ben die again) and the studio is working closely with Marvel. 

That's exciting for two reasons. Firstly, it means we're heading into Batman Arkham territory - a ready formed hero ready to go - and secondly, with Marvel on board to help shape the narrative, this is about as official as you can get. 

Worth noting as well that this will have nothing to do with the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie.

Who is the Spider-Man PS4 villain? The answer was potentially revealed by an IMDB listing 

Well isn't this interesting? A synopsis for Spider-Man PS4 appeared briefly on IMDB which revealed a plot for the game. It's now mysteriously disappeared but thankfully Comicsbeat took note. Here's the description in full. 

"Spider-Man must fight the terrifying foe Green Goblin as he contends with his usual life of being a married man with a daughter. But when the Goblin hatches a sinister plan, can Spidey save his family and himself?"

Where to start on this? So if this is true then we've got a far more adult Peter Parker than we're currently seeing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The comics do feature a run where he and Mary Jane have a daughter called Annie so there's precedent for a slightly older, hardier Spidey. Also take note of the word 'Sinister' when it comes to the Green Goblin's plan. Could this be referring to the Sinister Six, a group of the Web-Slinger's most  dangerous foes?

Dev studio Insomniac has responded to the synopsis on Twitter, saying to wait for "the real deal" so take all of this with a pinch of salt for now. 

While the synopsis is now doomed to Wayback Machine what's also important to note is that the release year hasn't changed. It's still listed as 2017 on IMDB which means we'll probably find out the truth sooner rather than later this year as Insomniac reveals more. 

The Spider-Man PS4 costume is an original comprised of familiar parts

Not only is Insomniac's Spider-Man story brand new, so is its take on the iconic superhero outfit. While the red and blue motif of the Spider-Man PS4 costume is in line with almost every depiction of the character dating back to 1962, the enormous white spite logo stretching across his torso is a striking deviation from the norm. While not exact, the white logo does recall the classic design of Spider-Man's black costume which in the late '80s turned into the villain Venom.

There's a reason for it according to Insomniac but we don't know whether that reason is alien symbiote-related. 

It's also interesting to note that the white continues to Spidey's web shooters which, color aside, are very similar to the Spider-Man Homecoming web shooters.  

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