South Park: The Stick of Truth Friends locations guide

Friends: T-Z 

[Day 3] Learn the new fart during the ‘O Canada’ quest.

[Day 2] Complete ‘The Timmy Express’ side quest.

Complete the ‘Gate Crasher’ quest then recruit Token to add him.

In the back room of Tweek Bros. Coffee--complete the ‘Hot Coffee’ quest to add him.

Mr. Tweek
Buy a Speed Potion Ultra from Tweek Bros. Coffee shop.

Mrs. Tweek
Buy a Speed Potion Ultra from Tweek Bros. Coffee shop.

Underpants Gnome
[Day 3] Complete the ‘Phase 1’ side quest.

Duke of Vancouver
[Day 3] Hand over the Princess’ Letter during the ‘O Canada’ quest.

Principal Victoria
[Day 2] After completing the ‘PTA Problems’ quest.

[Day 3] Complete the ‘Recruit the Girls’ quest.

Earl of Winnipeg
[Day 3] Kill the Winnipeg Dire Bears during the ‘O Canada’ quest.

[Day 2] When walking in the woods, go right, up, right, down, right to enter a clearing then talk to the animals and pick the ‘Accept the true Lord’ option.

Sergeant Yates
[MISSABLE] [Day 2] Complete the ‘Nazi Zombie Bounty’ side quest--this can only be done by talking to him in the Police Station while zombies are still roaming the streets.

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