Sony launches Signature line

Looking for a place to buy high-end accessories for your PSP? Like, really high-end? Like, "more expensive than the PSP itself" high-end? Sony's Signature line has got you covered - if you're planning to visit Japan sometime soon, at least.

Earlier this month, Sony launched the Signature series of PSP accessories and PlayStation-themed accoutrements, all detailed in Japanese and English on the official Signature website. The product line includes PSP wrist straps for ¥4,800 (about $41), a remote control-equipped set of in-ear headphones for ¥13,000 (about $112) and a stitched-leather PSP case by designer Emilio Pucci, which sells for the modest sum of ¥33,600 (roughly $289).

The site also features wine glasses, pens, watches, a $48 t-shirt and a $258 handbag, among other things. All the items tend toward the high end of the price spectrum, and each is tastefully embossed with a tiny square-triangle-X-circle PlayStation logo.

Before you start fishing for a credit card, though, bear in mind that Sony isn't selling any of these items through the site itself just yet. So if you're interested in picking any of this stuff up for yourself, you'll have to make a pilgrimage to the PlayStation Signature store in Tokyo, to which the site will helpfully point you.

June 22, 2006


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