SOCOM 4 intel and Tarocco locations guide

Find every blood orange and piece of intel with our collectibles guide


As soon as you enter the building, turn left, hug the wall to sneak past the two guards, then stealth kill the guard typing. The intel is right next to his laptop.

After you bug the chopper, you’ll get a cutscene then a checkpoint. Immediately walk around to your right to find the Tarocco.

After you bug the chopper, you’ll get a cutscene then a checkpoint. Immediately go left and up the stairs at the far end of the building to find this intel near some laptops.

As soon as you enter the Changtar Battery at the end of the mission, look to your left.

Turning Point

Soon after you take out the first guard, you’ll see some steps. Go around the right side of the steps to find this intel.

Located in the east end of the Gellibrand Battery building.

At the top of the comms center building.

Also at the top of the comms center building, on a desk not far from the intel.

Uninvited Guest

On a crate near the missiles, which you can see as soon as you get a view of the first camp.

You’ll see a camo tent on the eastern part of the airfield. Inside you’ll find some intel and the Tarocco.

On a desk inside the northern most building of the airstrip, second floor.


At the foot of this big ass statue.

Down in the area with the missile-launching turrets, near the forklift.

Here in the middle of the Clawhammer base.

Northwest of the launcher among the ruins.


As you pass through the building leading to the sculpture park, you’ll notice this intel on a table to your left.

Right after leaving the sculpture park you’ll notice a couple of café tables on your right.

As you climb up the parking structure, make sure to look straight ahead at the top of the second ramp.

Inside the big building that you enter after the massive firefight. Check along the left wall to find this Tarocco wedged in an ATM.

April 28, 2011