SmashRadar: Alt costumes exposed!

While we would have loved a Metal Sonic/Silver/Knuckles variant, the options provided are still cool. Where else would can you play as a green Sonic?

Mario, like Yoshi, has been swapping colors since his introduction many years ago. The red and white fire flower mix is a must, but we're also glad to see the Wario-esque yellow and purple outfit too.

Not pictured: Blue shirt, maroon overalls

The Other Brother dares to be different by donning orange, purple and pink ensembles, but doesn't lose track of his roots - that'd be the green and white option near the back.

Not pictured: light blue

Wario comes in two distinct flavors: WarioWare and classic. The 'Ware version dons goggles, a helmet and a ripped denim jacket of varying colors.

Not pictured: regular denim with blue hat

Classic Wario apes Mario's red and blue outfit, then tries out a pastel blue/pink combo. Also, we'd like to submit this picture to the Smithsonian.

Not pictured: Beige with dark yellow gloves.

Bowser changes his skin and fur color for each alt, which shows far more dedication than his Brawl comrades. Just imagine Giga Bowser with all these crazy colors.

Not pictured: brown skin with dark red fur

Snake comes prepared with just about every type of camouflage imaginable. Too bad none of those color patterns exist in the Brawl universe, and his own stage is solid gray. He's gonna stick out like a sore, sore thumb.

Not pictured: camo version of regular sneaking suit