SmashRadar: 18 kickass theme smashes

Getting the most mileage out of multiplayer

Okay, so maybe your friends are all Brawled out after a solid month of smashing. There are tons of ways you can play the game to make it last - Break the Targets, Event mode, etc. - but for a multiplayer fix that will keep you and your stubborn friends who insist Brawl is no better than Melee happy, you%26rsquo;ve got to think outside the box.

Read on for GamesRadar%26rsquo;s Theme Smashes - new ways to play that will shake up your Brawl game and get more bang for your Smash Bros. buck.

Ground Rules: Unless otherwise specified, go into Rules and set the damage ratio to 2.0, turn off all items, switch on the handicap option and before entering matches, give all characters a handicap of 300%.
Anyone who breaks a special rule gets a penalty and has to%26hellip;
1)Take a drink
2)Kiss the nearest fire hydrant
3)Get a Charlie horse (dead leg)
4)Kiss your sister
5)Say %26ldquo;I%26rsquo;m sorry%26rdquo; and just keep playing

Speed Freaks
Special Conditions: In Special Brawl, turn on Bunny Hoods and adjust the speed to max. Turn on banana peels in the items menu.
Characters: Sonic, Sheik, Falco, Fox
Stage(s): Any

We dare you to try and keep track of who kills who and who%26rsquo;s simply flying offscreen from an unknown cause. For added chaos, choose a stage with hazards such as WarioWare or Flat Zone 2 and lower the match time to 60 seconds.

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