SmashRadar: 18 kickass theme smashes

Sonic’s unfair advantage from having more than one roll attack is offset by New Pork City’s high ledges and changeable platforms. And the destructible ledge at the bottom of the stage (where rollers tend to gather) makes the fight even more interesting as Sonic has trouble snapping out of rolls.

Slap Fight!
Peach, Zelda
Stage(s): Animal Crossing
Special (Optional) Rules: Attack other plays with only slaps or kicks.

It’s true that Zelda’s slap attack has a little more oomph (and magical abilities) behind it, but Peach’s frying pan is a force to be reckoned with. And with the handicap set to 300%, this is one catfight you don’t want to miss. Man, if only hair-pulling were available…

For our slap-happy fun, we decided to use just Peach. For your own match, you can also include Zero Suit Samus and Jigglypuff if you accept the assertion that she’s a girl and not an it.