Sleepless In Seattle to get the musical treatment

The endless rush of films being adapted into musicals continues unabated, with Sleepless In Seattle following the likes of Spider-Man and Shrek to the stage.

Yes, the sudsy, soppy tale of love between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan will be getting the full-on warbling treatment.

Jeff Arch, who wrote the film’s story and co-wrote the screenplay with director Nora Ephron and fellow scribe David Ward, is writing the script (known in the trade as the book).

And while the producers have only just gotten the rights to the movie, they’ve clearly been considering it a sure thing to happen as 18 songs have already been written.

With My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Joel Zwick lined up to direct, it’ll likely be opening early next year.

Don’t all rush to buy your tickets at once, folks.

[Source: Playbill ]

Which movie would you make into a musical? Or are you sick of screen-to-stage transitions?


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