Shadowrun - hands-on

After getting our first look at Shadowrun - the latest first-person shooter from FASA Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios - we had several concerns. The decision to not include a single-player campaign in a game based on the popular pen and paper role-playing franchise seemed questionable at best. But more importantly, Shadowrun will be the flagship title for Windows Vista’s Live Anywhere service, which allows 360 and PC players to challenge each other online; and we were worried about whether or not console players would end up feeling like they were role-playing fish in a barrel when pitted up against the surgeon-like precision of mouse and keyboard users.

Fortunately, after getting some extensive hands-on time with the latest build of the game in action, we’re ready to eat our words. We teamed up with our friends at OXM, and challenged the staff at PC Gamer to several rounds of multiplayer mayhem to put Shadowrun’s boasts of balanced gameplay and intense action to the test. We’re pleased to say that the game passed with flying colors.

We began by selecting one of the four available races: humans, elves, dwarves, or trolls. Each race has unique characteristics with various pros and cons. For example, trolls move like molasses, but don’t suffer any penalty to their speed when carrying a heavy weapon. They also enjoy a slight armor boost when taking damage, making them the perfect choice for those who like playing the role of a walking tank. However, in the end we winded up choosing an elf for their quick movement speed and ability to slowly regenerate health when out of combat.


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