See Heavenly Sword's Goddess of War

Okay, so with her chain-slung blades, epic, fantastical backdrops and fluid, 360 degree fighting skills, Heavenly Sword's Nariko has more than a few things in common with God of War's Kratos. But, so what? God of War is still one of the best games you'll ever play, and this huge barrage of new images suggests Heavenly Sword will offer a similar level of visceral, exhilarating action while carving out its own atmosphere and style. 

Meanwhile, a fresh load of artwork released by developer Ninja Theory hints at some of Nariko's destinations for destruction - from vine-hung jungles, dusty desert valleys and mountaintop shrines to snow-bound castle ruins.

And one crucial difference between Heavenly Sword and God of War takes advantage of these wide-open spaces, with Ninja Theory promising that you'll be facing "battalions" of enemy fighters, which in modern-day military terms hints at a battlefield cast of hundreds.

Lucky then, that Nariko's blade - the eponymous Heavenly Sword - can transform between a triple-threat of weapons to provide the right tool for the situation, whether you're up against a single foe or a bristling horde of them.

According to semi-official sources, we can expect to see Nariko doing her stuff in September. Stuff the summer, then, we're off to hibernate until launch day.

April 18, 2007


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