OGPlanet has just launched the North American version of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, its license of the popular third-person PvP shooter from Korean developer Softmax. The free-play action title's based around superdeformed versions of hardware from the hugely popular Japanese Gundam franchise, with players piloting fighting robots from across the franchise's 32-year history.

Above: Taking cues from Japanese capsule vending machines, the game emphasizes collecting and customizes your mini units

The game's initial release includes over 350 units, all of whose look and skillset can be customized through purchase of equipment capsules – with additional units available for construction from custom blueprints. While plenty of items can be acquired with the in-game credits earned from matches, really lucrative parts will cost you Astro, the game's currency with a value in real-world dollars. Foreign players have paid real cash money for items such as extra item storage for their pint-sized assault suits, and red paint to make the suits (appear to) go faster and hit harder.

The game's 12-player matchups allow for four different game modes, from the tactical Grid to all-out Points attack, over 30+ maps spanning a variety of Gundam locations. OGPlanet has pledged to support these numbers with further units, equipment and maps as the game, having steadily made its way across Asian territories since 2007, builds a North American player-base. Find out more and download the game client at the game's website.


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